These beautiful Hirali scarves are manufactured in Sakai City, Osaka, where this type of fine cloth has been produced since the Edo period of Japanese history. The company has now employed its expert skill to develop the only double-sided saturated dyeing technique on this type of cloth to create these reversible scarves. The artisan in the company dedicated to this printing method is Mr Eiji Kakuno who is the only person to have perfected the method to dye both sides of this fine fabric in totally different colours with no bleeding or overlapping of the pigment at all. The printing of the sharp lines of bold geometric patterns and stripes in both vivid and pastel colours is achieved with specialized roller dyeing machinery carefully guided by Mr Kakuno to create these modern pieces of wearable art.

Gift Box shown here also available separately.

Fabric; Cotton Gauze

Size: 340mm x 1800mm

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